My Bible Pro 2.1

My Bible Pro is upgraded to version 2.1:

  • Backward compatibility: Supports old 3.1.x iOS
  • Sends SMS message under iOS 4.0
  • Minor bug fixes


My Bible Pro 2.0

My Bible Pro is designed for brother and sister in Christ who loves The Word of God. It is an user friendly electronic platform, and meets the needs on daily bible reading, spiritual devotion, and sermons.

Features included:

  • Universal iPhone app supports both iPhone and iPad.

  • Includes 5 translations of the Bible, including Bible in Basic English, King James Version, World English Bible, Traditional Chinese Union Version, Simplified Chinese Union Version.

  • Cross reference all 5 translations of the same verse in a single screen.

  • Build-in Google maps for more than 1000 places, with current satellite images.

  • More than 2000 selected verses (Comfort, Confidence, Love, Parables of Jesus, Miracles of Jesus, Kingdom of Israel, Kingdom of Judah ...)

  • More than 14000 Strong's References.

  • Verse bookmarking, reading history.

  • Index column in book list and chapter list, so that you could quickly jump to the desired section in the Bible without too much scrolling.

  • Title of each chapter to facilitate the reader to understand its contents.

  • Quick navigation buttons to switch to the previous chapter and the next chapter.

  • Fast full-text searching.

  • Notes taking function to record multiple verses and your feelings in the same place, and share it through e-mail, Twitter or Ping.fm.

  • Share your notes simultaneously to over 40 social networks (including Facebook, Plurk, MSN) through Ping.fm.

  • Reading position, notepad text will be saved and retained after relaunch.

  • Fully support Landscape mode.

  • No Internet connection is needed, except the Google Map view.

  • Adjustable font size (8-40), font color and background color.

- 包含5個聖經的翻譯本,包括聖經基礎英語聖經,國王詹姆斯版本聖經,世界英文聖經,繁體中文和合本,簡體中文版和合本
- 交叉參考5個不同的翻譯
- 建立在谷歌地圖超過 1000個聖經中提到的地方,及其衛星圖像
- 超過 14000 與相關 Strong No 的文字說明
- 2000多個的參考經文(自信,愛,耶穌的比喻,耶穌的奇蹟,以色列王國 王國猶大 ...)
- 書籤,閱讀記錄
- 索引列在名單和章節列表,這樣你可以快速跳轉到所需的部分在聖經中沒有太多滾動。
- 每章標題,以方便讀者了解其內容。
- 快速導航按鈕切換到上一章下一章.
- 快速全文檢索功能
- 筆記記錄多個經文和你的感受在同一個地方,並分享它通過電子郵件,Twitter.
- 通過 ping.fm 分享你的筆記到40多個社交網絡(包括Facebook,Plurk,MSN等)
- 記事本的文本將被保存和重新啟動後仍保留
- 支持橫向模式
- 沒有互聯網連接需要,除了谷歌地圖外
- 調節字體大小(8-40),字體顏色和背景顏色

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Hong Kong Twitter users analysis part 1

Currently, Twitter get tremendous attention from the media. Due to lack of any reliable statistics on Twitter users behavior (especially by individual location, say Hong Kong), I have spend a few days to produce this report to try to analyse the general behavior of Twitter users in Hong Kong.

Due to the limitation of Twitter user profile design, the location field is a free text field and it is not easy to identify and group all the users in a particular location or country. The methodology I used is based on the keywords in user location field to check whether he is living or staying in Hong Kong and use the friend/follower relationship to extract the other Hong Kong users.

Here are some basic statistics I collected:

HK Twitter Users search criteria:

Filter wordings: "Hong Kong", "HongKong", "HK", "香港", "Kowloon"
Filter by latitude and longitude within Hong Kong.
Excluding protected accounts

Total no of sampling HK Twitter users: 8937

In average:

No of friends:144.44

No of followers: 146.36

No of status update: 308.10

Top 10% of active Twitter users accounted for over 80% of tweets:
1.79% (160/8937) users contributes 50% (1309694 / 2614290) of Tweets
9.26% (828/8937) users contributes 80% (2091674 / 2614290) of Tweets

Exceptional users:
Zero status update: 6.92% (619/8937)
Zero followers: 1.35% (121/8937)
Zero friends: 3.45% (308/8937)

User activities:
Send tweets within last one week: 34.71% (3102/8937)
Send tweets within last one month: 54.34 (4857/8937)
Send tweets within last one year: 90.87% (8121/8937)
Less than or equal to 10 status update: 3.60%(3214/8937)


TweetSheet 2.0.3: Auto sending tweets

As requested, a new "Timer Tweets" function/sheet is added and it is now possible to process a queue of prepared/drafted tweets (series of rows) while placing delays. It is based on Excel 2003 on Windows XP, so it may not work in latest Excel 2007 version.

Download Zip format

Download Excel file



在電腦展最後的1小時,用特價HK$50買了這個 iPhone用的8倍光學望遠鏡。




iPhone 8倍zoom的video: http://twitvid.com/47C65

原本的距離: http://twitvid.com/578DE


iPhone 3GS 的新秘密功能 : 用多種語言(包括英文、普通話、粵語)將所有字讀給你聽

iPhone 3GS 新增了 VoiceOver 功能就人人都知,你可以用多種語言(包括英文、普通話、粵語)聲音去指揮你的 iPhone。但原來,背後有一個更強大,更有用的功能就很少人提及,就是內建的多國語言讀書功能。

1. 首先,你先要開啟 VoiceOver 的功能,由於我們通常不希望 iPhone 在任何時候都讀出每一個字,我們就要
"按三下主畫面按鈕,切換 VoiceOver" 功能。連按三下主畫面按鈕,你就可以在任何時候開啟或關閉 VoiceOver 功能。
由主畫面,進入設定/Settings -> 一般/General -> 輔助使用/Accessibility -> 按三下主畫面按鈕/Triple-click Home ->切換 VoiceOver/Toggle VoiceOver

2. 想聽粵語,就必須要將語言/Language 設為"繁體中文"
由主畫面,設定/Settings -> 一般/General -> 國際語言/Language -> 繁體中文

3. 另外亦要將語音控制/VoiceOver 設為"中文(粵語)"
由主畫面,設定/Settings -> 一般/General -> 語音控制/VoiceOver -> 中文(粵語)

4. 現在,你可以開任何的程式,然後連按三下主畫面按鈕,再按想聽的段落。嘩!iPhone 就會將整個段落用粵語讀出來!可惜,iPhone 仍有少許限制,就是同時間讀單一語言,例如設定粵語就不會讀英文,設定英文就不會讀粵語。

5. 想聽普通話,就要語言/Language 設為"簡體中文",並將語音控制/VoiceOver 設為"中文(中國)"。我發現 iPhone 是可以用普通話讀繁體中文的,最適合我這類想學普通話的人。

6. 如果 Apple 將這功課再發提光大,我想以後就再無人需要買那些"字典機"了!

My Bible 我的聖經 1.1

版本 1.1 的更新包括:

- 改正了一些聖經中的錯字。
- 加強了筆記功能,包括:
- 加大了編輯的範圍
- 自動將連續的經文合拼
- 新增了 Twitter 和 ping.fm 的輸出你的筆記
(你需要到 http://ping.fm/key 去索取4個字的 mobile key, method 可以鍵入 "microblog" 或 "status")
- 可以經 ping.fm 一次過同時分享你的筆記到 Facebook, Plurk, MSN 等超過40個社交網絡
- 在重開時會保留筆記的內容
- 已經在 iPhone OS 3.0 中測試
- 仍然免費下載

- Correction some invalid characters in bible.
- Improvements in Notebook function:
- Text area becomes bigger.
- Automatically concatenate consecutive verses
- New export functions to Twitter and Ping.fm
(You need to go to http://ping.fm/key to get the 4 character mobile key, you can key-in "microblog" or "status" as ping.fm method)
- Text will be saved and retained after relaunch
- Tested in iPhone OS 3.0
- Still, it is free of charge.

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